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St. Matthew’s is a vibrant, welcoming parish of the Episcopal tradition located in Madison, Alabama. We love welcoming guests to our church, whether you’re just in town for the weekend or are looking for a new church home. We hope you will enjoy your visit with us!

St Matthew’s is a stable, loving, and diverse congregation that is consistently growing. Since May 1991, St Matthew’s has been a congregation that embraces people where they are in life, and strives to make all feel welcome. Visitors on a Sunday will be greeted with a firm handshake, perhaps even a welcoming hug, and a gift of delicious baked bread to take home for their enjoyment. You will find a Christian Education program for all ages including a staffed nursery.

Worship is a mainstay for our Parish. We have come to expect uplifting music, congregational participation, and sermons that encourage us to live out the Christian Faith daily. In addition to acolytes, we are committed to including younger children in our worship. It is our custom for the preacher to invite them down for their own special sermon based on the lessons.

In addition to our worship, we have over 25 active ministries including: Men’s Breakfast, several study groups, and various in-reach and outreach groups, and several others.

Please explore our web site to learn about us and come visit.  We would love to see you here on a Sunday morning!

Latest News and Announcements

Rector Search Update

Only one word can describe where we are in the process of discerning and calling a new rector for our church – acceleration!!

By the time you read this update the search committee will have:
• Visited candidates and their families at their home church, observed their conduct of services, and interacted with them socially.
• Discussed those visits and narrowed the list to an even smaller subset of the pool of candidates.
What’s next? We will be inviting the few continuing in our discernment process to make visits to Madison and to our church. Those visits will presumably be on weekdays and will not include them preaching on Sundays.

The visits to Madison will be hosted by the search committee and hopefully will be completed in November (we say hopefully because a lot depends on their and the committee’s availability in the coming weeks). Once those visits are complete, the committee will again convene and prayerfully make a recommendation to the Vestry – “this is who is meant to be called to be the next Rector of St. Matthew’s.” And then the committee will turn it over to the Vestry for negotiations and setting dates for the transition.

It would be an understatement to say that we, your committee, are excited to be at this point in the journey. We hope you are too.

As always, as your Calling Committee Chairman, I invite your questions and/or commentary at any time. You can reach me at 256-468-9981 or turneraf7074@yahoo.com.

Search for a New Rector Update: Oct 2017

You will recall that in August the Search Committee received from the diocese a list of several approved and vetted candidates to
be considered. During the month of September, the Search Committee conducted a series of Skype interviews with each of the
candidates. By the time you read this article, the committee will have met and narrowed the list to a few that we will now arrange
to visit in their home parish.

What happens during these visits to the candidates who are still under consideration?
• We will listen to the candidate preach, and we will interact socially with the candidate on their “home turf.”
• During our visit, we will explore in greater depth some of the subjects that we covered during the Skype interview: their theology, their method of interacting with parish members, their style/role in conflict management, etc.
• We will meet with their family members, if any, and come to an understanding of their level of participation in the rector’s ministry as well as any special needs they may have should the candidate be called to our rector.
• We will conduct interviews with individuals listed as references to confirm and/or expand upon the information available to us about the candidate.
Once the “home turf” interviews are completed, we will:
• Refine the list #2: The committee will further refine the list to the top candidate(s) (no more than three) who we will invite to come to Madison. The purpose of these visits is for them to become familiar with the area – housing, schools, culture, etc. – and to further engage with them socially and philosophically. They will NOT be invited to preach.
• Refine list #3: After the local visits are complete, the committee will make its final recommendation to the Vestry.
• Extend the call: The Vestry, if they agree with the choice, will extend the call to the candidate and we pray the candidate will accept. After that, it’s just a matter of timing – when they can transition from the current position and when they can transition to their new position with us.
As always, as your Calling Committee Chairman, I invite your questions and/or commentary at any time. You can reach me at 256-468-9981 or turneraf7074@yahoo.com.

Annual YMCA Veterans Prayer Breakfast

Veterans, Patriots, and fellow members of St. Matthew’s,

The Heart of the Valley YMCA in Madison sponsors an annual YMCA Veterans Prayer Breakfast, which will be November 3rd at 0730 this year.  In the past, a few of us have chipped in to split the cost of a table, on behalf of the Church.  This year I’d like to ask if any other members of the congregation would like to participate.  Cost of a table is $300, which could be split by 8 members at a cost of $37.50.  Value of a table comes from the YMCA advertisement of St. Matthew’s participation in their program and announcements.  Some consider this a form of Outreach to the community.  If you are interested in joining me for this charitable event, please contact me.  Thanks.

Bill Pope


Mobile: 706-726-8977

Hopped Up Theology — October 25th

Young Adults (20s-40)
Hopped Up Theology
Date: Wednesday, October 25th
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Old Black Bear Brewery, 208 Main St, Madison, AL 35758

This is a fellowship opportunity for young adults that want to explore the role of faith in their daily lives in a casual atmosphere!   Come join us for a beer (or nonalcoholic drink), bring your thoughts and questions about faith, or just bring yourself and enjoy the fellowship.

Men’s Events


The men of St. Matthew’s meet every three weeks on Tuesday for wings & prayer. This month, we will meet on Tuesday, October 17th @  6:00pm at Crickets in Madison.  POC: John Lewis, johnlewis53.jl@gmail.com


every Tuesday at 7:00am at St. Matthew’s.     Coffee is ready at 6:30am and breakfast is served at 7:00am.    All men are invited.      POC: Jeff Anderson, Janderson01@knology.net

October Food Basket Donations

by: Liz High

This month we are focusing our food collection on canned fruit. Please place your donations in the baskets provided outside the sanctuary. Your generous contributions will be delivered the first Monday in November to Inside-Out Ministries. This All-Volunteer service organization provides vital nutrition needs to qualifying clients as well as short-term emergency assistance for basic living. Several volunteers are members at St. Matthews and your outreach budget dollars regularly support this very important ministry. If you are interested in learning more about Inside-Out Ministry, please ask Liz High.  Thanks in advance for all your support to this vital food pantry.

Outreach Opportunity

Let’s Help Break Bread with our Neighbor!

By Kathi Pope
We will be collecting canned food items to share with our local mission groups who disburse food to our neighbors. The need is ever growing in our communities. Any non-perishable food is welcome.  Please, nothing expired.  We will be collecting the 2nd Sunday of the month. October 15th will begin this opportunity to share. Thank you in advance for your contribution.
Always Needed Items:

  • Soup
  • Beans
  • Fruit
  • Meat

Any questions contact Kathi Pope 256-489-9117 or wrpopeclan@aol.com

The Rummage Sale is Coming!

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Women’s Rummage Sale is Friday and Saturday November 3 and 4!  View the Rummage Sale Flyer here.

The Rummage Sale is the biggest fundraising event of the year! We take your gently used donations in good (or better) condition and turn them into cash to support many different mission projects both inside our parish family and in the community at large. In the past we have supported St. Matthew’s EYC mission trips, Kairos, Camp McDowell, St. Matthews softball team, Sawyerville Day Camp and several diocesan charities. We have also supported many local charities including Inside Out Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, New Futures, and many more. In 2015 we netted $10,000 from this event alone!!


Fall Flower Arrangement Workshop

Exciting news!!! Please plan to join us for a Fall Flower Arrangement workshop presented by St. Matthew’s Flower Guild.

  • WHERE:    St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Gruman Hall
  • WHEN:    Sunday, October 22, 2017, from 2pm – 4 pm (approximate ending time)
  • COST:     $10 per person and bring a bouquet of fall flowers and a small to medium vase or container
  • WHO:    St. Matthew’s Flower Guild members, St. Matthew’s parishioners and any friends/family you want to invite
  • RSVP:     Please RSVP to Mallory Murray (text or phone call or email) NLT Wednesday, October 18th.  (Headcount is important so we will have enough greenery and  additional flowers on-hand).

Any remaining  funds will be put into the Flower Guild account.

St. Matthew’s Flower Guild will supply greenery, oasis (if needed), and fill-in flowers (if needed).  Payment may be made by check or cash at the workshop.   Please let me know if you have any questions!
Mallory Murray
St. Matthew’s Flower Guild
email: malomur@gmail.com
Mobile: 256-777-9948

Introduction to Spiritual Direction

Introduction to Spiritual Direction
Offered by Karen Price, Sunday, Oct. 15 in the Library

In our busy, techno-savvy culture, we talk easily about sex.  We talk uneasily about death.
And almost never…
Do we talk about our personal relationship with God.

Spiritual direction is the tradition of meeting with a trusted guide, teacher or friend to talk about God’s action in your life and your awareness of that action. Many people feel called to seek spiritual direction because they are restless, dry or hungry—why or for what, they aren’t sure.

Spiritual direction is for anyone who wants to be more intentional about growing closer to God.  How that unfolds is different for every person. All that is required is the desire to attend to God’s calling and movement in your life.  Spiritual direction is not the same as therapy or pastoral counseling during a time of crisis. The emphasis is not on solving problems or mapping out goals, but to listen and discern where our desires meet God’s call.  Ultimately, the Holy Spirit is the real director at work. [Read More…]

Discernment Phase of Rector Search

The search for St. Matthew’s new rector continues and has entered a new phase – discernment.  In the coming months the search committee will actually be collecting and receiving names of qualified candidates, interviewing them, and ultimately making a recommendation to the Vestry as to which we believe should be called to be our new Rector.

There are several “gates” still to go through.  (1)  Concurrently, the Diocese is soliciting candidates from the diocese and nation-wide while the parish is asked to recommend qualified candidates that they may know.  (2) Screening by the diocese of all names to find those that would best be suited for a church of our size and growth trajectory.  (3)  Invitations to those on the list to be considered by the committee.  (4)  Interviews with all candidates who respond to the invitation with a desire to be considered.  (5)  Narrowing the list to a smaller pool and then arranging for visits to their parish and church for more in-depth interviews.  (6) Further narrowing the list to a final slate of candidates.  (7) Hosting the finalists for visits to Madison and the local area and conducting even more in-depth discussions.  (8) Making the final selection and recommendation to the Vestry who will then extend a call to the candidate to be our new Rector.

We will continue to keep you updated as we migrate through these various phases.

Parish Profile Published

As many of you are aware, St. Matthew’s has been in a search for a new Rector since the retirement of The Rev. Steve Gurman late in 2016.  Although it appears to be moving at a snail’s pace, we are moving along well.  After many hours of hard work by the Calling Committee, many interviews and meetings, and the tabulation and interpretation of the Parish Survey this Spring, we are able to move into our next phase.   The parish profile has been completed, moving through the review and approval process of the Vestry and Diocese.  Its publication was a major step forward in the overall search process. The parish profile is THE document that a potential candidate will first review to assess whether they would be interested in being considered as our Rector. Now that it is approved, it is available here (Parish and Community Profile, June 2017) for review, download and/or printing.  A few hard copies will be available in the Parish Office, but we ask for you to conserve resources by reviewing on line.

This was a a major undertaking and a huge thanks go to the self study team: Todd Clem, Rose Ann Goss, Victor Hagan, Kirk McCann, Dan Miller, Jessi Sauter, and Andy Williams.

So, what’s next? The Discern & Present team have already begun their work. They met with our Diocese-provided calling coach on July 16 to conduct a retreat and began their planning for how to proceed. Fundamentally, their tasks boil down to (1) soliciting potential candidate resumes, (2) screening them to find the best possible candidates for our parish, (3) visiting the potential rector in their current setting, and (4) selecting one and recommending that person to the Vestry.

This is an exciting time. The administrative requirements of the search are nearly behind us and we’ll soon be actually talking to candidates. The search is moving from the abstract to the real. There’s someone out there known but to God that is already waiting for us to find them and for them to find us. We’ll soon mutually discover each other.

As always, as your Calling Committee Chairman, I invite your questions and/or commentary at any time. You can reach me at 256-468-9981 or turneraf7074@yahoo.com.

Our journey continues.

Worship Schedule

8:30am - Holy Eucharist, Traditional
11:00am - Holy Eucharist, Traditional
5:00pm - Holy Eucharist, Contemporary

12:00pm - Holy Eucharist, Traditional

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