Musical Musings – September 2016


On Sunday, August 21, St. Matthew’s Choir sponsored a kick-off luncheon/rehearsal for the 2016 Service of Lessons and Carols. While this is an annual event for us, new this year was the venue: the rehearsal (which normally takes place in our usual spot in the north transept of the church) was held in our newly appointed “Music Room” (a/k/a the handbell rehearsal room and your music director’s office).

While this room will not support weekly choir rehearsals, it nonetheless proved an acceptably-intimate space for auditioning recordings of the nine carols (anthems), and for discussing the finer details of this year’s service. I am happy to report that some two dozen singers attended the rehearsal; and all seemed enthused about the musical selections.

But the even better news is that it isn’t too late for you to get involved. I can always use additional singers (particularly sopranos); and if this means ordering more copies of the music, or even getting more choir robes, we’re prepared to do that as well. The rehearsal schedule is low-impact: we meet each Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM for about thirty minutes; and there are additional rehearsal opportunities available once each month on Sunday afternoons in September, October and November. If you’d like to participate in this special event, contact the church office or talk to me in person at the church. But please, do it soon!