Introduction to Spiritual Direction

Introduction to Spiritual Direction
Offered by Karen Price, Sunday, Oct. 15 in the Library

In our busy, techno-savvy culture, we talk easily about sex.  We talk uneasily about death.
And almost never…
Do we talk about our personal relationship with God.

Spiritual direction is the tradition of meeting with a trusted guide, teacher or friend to talk about God’s action in your life and your awareness of that action. Many people feel called to seek spiritual direction because they are restless, dry or hungry—why or for what, they aren’t sure.

Spiritual direction is for anyone who wants to be more intentional about growing closer to God.  How that unfolds is different for every person. All that is required is the desire to attend to God’s calling and movement in your life.  Spiritual direction is not the same as therapy or pastoral counseling during a time of crisis. The emphasis is not on solving problems or mapping out goals, but to listen and discern where our desires meet God’s call.  Ultimately, the Holy Spirit is the real director at work.

I am nearing the end of a two-year intensive study program in spiritual direction through Metagem Institute, and offer myself as a director-in-training to the St. Matthew’s community. I have already been providing private direction at another church.  I will host a brief introduction to the practice of spiritual direction at St. Matthew’s on Oct. 15. I will explain more about the history in Christian tradition and outline what you could expect from a spiritual direction relationship. I will be available to meet privately with anyone who signs up for an appointment on a series of set dates in Oct, Nov and Dec.

So drop in Oct. 15 if you are at all curious. I’ll have handouts and we’ll explore the possibilities of spiritual direction. If you can’t come Oct. 15, contact me or ask me at church one Sunday—I’d love to talk to you about it!      Karen Price,