Rector Search Update

Only one word can describe where we are in the process of discerning and calling a new rector for our church – acceleration!!

By the time you read this update the search committee will have:
• Visited candidates and their families at their home church, observed their conduct of services, and interacted with them socially.
• Discussed those visits and narrowed the list to an even smaller subset of the pool of candidates.
What’s next? We will be inviting the few continuing in our discernment process to make visits to Madison and to our church. Those visits will presumably be on weekdays and will not include them preaching on Sundays.

The visits to Madison will be hosted by the search committee and hopefully will be completed in November (we say hopefully because a lot depends on their and the committee’s availability in the coming weeks). Once those visits are complete, the committee will again convene and prayerfully make a recommendation to the Vestry – “this is who is meant to be called to be the next Rector of St. Matthew’s.” And then the committee will turn it over to the Vestry for negotiations and setting dates for the transition.

It would be an understatement to say that we, your committee, are excited to be at this point in the journey. We hope you are too.

As always, as your Calling Committee Chairman, I invite your questions and/or commentary at any time. You can reach me at 256-468-9981 or