Search for a New Rector Update: Oct 2017

You will recall that in August the Search Committee received from the diocese a list of several approved and vetted candidates to
be considered. During the month of September, the Search Committee conducted a series of Skype interviews with each of the
candidates. By the time you read this article, the committee will have met and narrowed the list to a few that we will now arrange
to visit in their home parish.

What happens during these visits to the candidates who are still under consideration?
• We will listen to the candidate preach, and we will interact socially with the candidate on their “home turf.”
• During our visit, we will explore in greater depth some of the subjects that we covered during the Skype interview: their theology, their method of interacting with parish members, their style/role in conflict management, etc.
• We will meet with their family members, if any, and come to an understanding of their level of participation in the rector’s ministry as well as any special needs they may have should the candidate be called to our rector.
• We will conduct interviews with individuals listed as references to confirm and/or expand upon the information available to us about the candidate.
Once the “home turf” interviews are completed, we will:
• Refine the list #2: The committee will further refine the list to the top candidate(s) (no more than three) who we will invite to come to Madison. The purpose of these visits is for them to become familiar with the area – housing, schools, culture, etc. – and to further engage with them socially and philosophically. They will NOT be invited to preach.
• Refine list #3: After the local visits are complete, the committee will make its final recommendation to the Vestry.
• Extend the call: The Vestry, if they agree with the choice, will extend the call to the candidate and we pray the candidate will accept. After that, it’s just a matter of timing – when they can transition from the current position and when they can transition to their new position with us.
As always, as your Calling Committee Chairman, I invite your questions and/or commentary at any time. You can reach me at 256-468-9981 or