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St. Matthew’s Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) is a time of fun, fellowship, worship, and outreach. Retreats, games, discussion, service projects and other activities give our young people the chance to live and grow together.

The St. Matthew’s Youth Program (or EYC) is composed of young people in two groups; grades 7th – 9th make up our Junior High Group, and grades 10th – 12th are our Senior High Group. We get together at least once a month (but usually more) for fun activities ranging from ice skating to canoeing to cooking for the less fortunate in our community. We also have a monthly get together for each group to “hang out” with our parish priest over dinner. Ours is a youth program that seeks to strengthen the relationship between God, church and our young people through fun, safe and enriching experiences.

The Youth who build a positive relationship with God today will be the leaders of our church tomorrow.